high tea take two
Everyone got to pick their own tea, which came in separate tea pots with the cutest tea cozies.


Life’s been pretty weird lately, in the way that it usually is – a mix of highs and lows, good and bad, dry and rainy (no! bad rain!). Now that I am apparently a legitimate grown-up with a nine-to-five job, I’ve turned into a weekend warrior, where everything I do on the weekend is to the extreme. I either aggressively nap and laze around all day, or spend a full twelve hours going on cute adventures with my friends when we were originally only supposed to meet for some tea. The latter happened a couple of weeks ago. I met up with Cindy, Cat, and Avery for high tea at La Petite Cuillère, a tea house on main street. We were served by probably the nicest woman in the world, like, she was sweeter than all the sugar cubes we took with our tea. It was amazing.


high tea take two
I can’t believe I was able to get this shot. THEY LOOK LIKE THEY’RE IN A COMMERCIAL.

high tea take two


It was nice to sit and relax and talk about what’s been going on since we all split up from working at the same place. All of us met working at TOPSHOP Vancouver, where we were part of a strong group of friends that has, as groups do, grown up and out. People move on – it’s in their nature – but of course when you stop to look back, you wonder at how fast it can and does happen. But besides that, everyone seemed happy and healthy and enjoying their lives, which made me happy.


high tea take two high tea take two


We stayed there for a few hours, because we couldn’t stop talking. There are friends you have that you can just be quiet around, and certainly there are those moments with all of your friends, but then there are the ones that you physically can’t stop talking around. It’s a compulsion, and even when I think I have no more possible syllabic guts to spew out on the table I’m off on a story that I just remembered and have to share.

Eventually, we were able to leave and made our way to Cartems after meeting up with our friend Justin. Cartems is an awesome little donut shop just across the street from Malone’s and down the block from BCIT. It’s crazy how I didn’t take advantage of it while I was still taking classes there but I’m glad I didn’t, because I’d be poorer and more than a few pounds heavier.


high tea take two


Somehow, after tea and donuts, we found ourselves at Burnaby Lake – just imagine it: all four of us, with varying heights of heeled boots, traipsing along a gravel path surrounded by nature, while people jog past us decked out in Nike and Lululemon gear. It was awesome.


high tea take two
This is what happens when you put us in nature. We selfie.

high tea take two


So here’s to long days with friends, where you have no idea what you’re doing and somehow end up on a wooden bridge on a lake looking crazy chic. Heck yeah.

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